​​​​​Dr. Smokey Rain is available for:

  • Technical and Creative Writing (contact to request portfolio)

  • Controlled Folly

  • Laughter Spiels (stress-reduction, health-enhancement, education, business and more)

  • Humor Therapy

  • Laughter and Fine Whining sessions 

(928) 274-5347


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Rick Rowley

A full-range, world-class artist, Rick Rowley will warm will your heart with his whimsical pieces and make your spirit soar with his sacred works, which include memorials. Rick has gained recognition at the Smithsonian Institute of Fines Arts and The White House. A prolific and driven artist, Rick has unparalleled service of creativity and design concepts. Sculpting in bronze, exotic woods, glass, raw metal, and stone, his 3 dimensional designs range from as small as 3 inches to heroic sizes exceeding 28 feet.


http://www.rowleydesigns.com/  http://www.uniqueweseek.com/wood-sculpture.html

Joan Bourque

Accomplished artist, mural painter and author, Joan Bourque published Dreams of Dolphins Dancing to inform, entertain and inspire young people. Joan visits schools regularly for art projects and educational classroom activities. Joan is on the Residency Roster of the Arizona Commission on the Arts for mural painting. Joan's Ocean Week Program was funded by Project Aware. Joan's gorgeous and lively art will make any community, home or business more joyous. 928-300-8834


Meet Our Artists:

In keeping with our mission of enlivening the community, we are proud to support and promote creativity and problem-solving through the sciences, arts and more. In addition to the Laffathon experiment, we bring you two premiere artists who add the beauty of their original art to our world community.