The Laffathon experiment can help you every day! Challenge yourself on a daily basis to laugh and smile more. Try at least 400 times each and everyday, especially when you don't feel like it. Because that is when you could benefit the most from all of laughter's benefits. 

       You will  see and experience the positive results yourself. The more you become aware of power of laughter the more you will want to use this healthy, free and accessible activity to enhance your life and the lives of others.

       Try it right now. Pretend like you are a Hollywood superstar (after all we know you are dahling.)  Imagine that you have a big scene which requires you to laugh. Go ahead. Just start laughing.

        Feel better? Of course you do! That is because your body responds to laughter and produces good-feeling hormones and releases  endorphins helping you combat stress and relax and enjoy life more. Laughing is the road that leads to happiness. Laughter begets happiness and in turn happiness begets laughter.

The Laffathon Experiment

Kevin Perez is not just an awesome hairstylist, he's also a Laffathon creative collaborator, and original member of the Laffathon comedy troupe, The Royal Noodles. Kevin has also performed standup as the Las Vegas Baby. Kevin's a superstar, triple-threat talent, he acts, sings and dances. What doesn't this guy do? 

Dr. Bob Pizziment is a healer and owner of the Innate Healing Center and Goldengate Cafe and is internationally recognized for his unique style of doctoring and his work as a community leader.has been helping rebuild Detroit's community spirit and assisting the city with living up to it's name "the Renaissance City". Dr.​

Our Laughter Specialist has over 20 years of Street Cred...

Dr. Smokey Rain began performing comedy and then became a 'glad scientist' (field gelotologist) studying  the science of laughter and began her own humor research and therapy 20 years ago in MI, CA, HI and now in AZ. Upon seeing positive results, Dr. Rain set forth to bring the Laffathon to the world as a catalyst for positive change. Dr. Rain is the founder of the Freedom to Laugh Coalition an informal, free club to liberate laughter. She is also an award-winning documentary producer and founder of Earth Magic Institute, a former non-profit for environmental and peace research and education. Dr. Rain is of Cherokee descent made a well-received Declaration of Interdependence (CNN, C-SPAN, etc.) declaring one tribe for all people. 

Terence Pratt enjoys advising and supporting the Laffathon experiment. As a former Councilmember of Cottonwood (AZ) for seven years  and current English instructor at Yavapai College Terence is a lover of community spirit and enrichment and is well known for organizing and hosting many events in the Verde Valley. His literary hero is Don Quixote, "an eternal optimist". ​

Dr. Smokey Rain's very first meeting with Mayor Diane Joens of Cottonwood,  AZ, on March 11, 2015 was a success. They discussed a strategy to enliven the city with laughter and it's already working!

Lighten up! 

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Our fellow experimenters come from all walks of life and all over the globe. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun! If you want up-to-date information about the LAFFATHON and how it can help you then you have come to the right place. Join today, jest laugh. If you would like to document and share photos, videos and the results of your own experimentation please submit them to Dr. Smokey Rain: or leave a comment on our contact page.

We strive to provide current, accurate information your family can depend on. We aim to:

  • Serve the world in experimenting with and experiencing more humor and happiness.
  • Upload the latest and greatest news and advice on a regular basis
  • Respond to our members’ inquiries in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with others and act as an advocate for those in need
  • Promote general wellness for all our fellow experimenters.


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