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Mayor Joens Happy About Laffathon

March 11,2016  Dr. Smokey Rain met with Mayor Diane Joens (Cottonwood, AZ), to discuss enlivening the city with laughter and solving problems. The meeting was a success and ended with a collaboration. Plans are being pursued and more will be revealed soon. In the nicetime, the Mayor is coming to the Laughter Demonstration for the Laffathon kickoff, in front of the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce (1010 S. Main) on April Fools' Day from 4-6pm. You're invited too!

​​(Photo by: J.p. Lunazul)

Laffathon Playshop is a Smash Hit! 

Cottonwood, AZ-29-16 Laffathon participant Taryn Quenzerthird grade teacher at Cottonwood Elementary School, invited Laffathon back to her school this year. Laffathon accepted the invitation to once again help students decompress from stressful state testing anxiety. Members of Laffathon's comedy and music troupe, The Royal Noodles, including Smokey Rain, Taryn Quenzer, Kevin Perez and Steven Schutz had a delightful time entertaining and educating the students. Assistant Superintendent, Steve King, also attended to share in the laughs featuring an original rap song, Laughter Yoga and Animal Races. Laffathon extends a special "thank you" to Taryn for the invitation and also to Royal Noodle member Julia Kartman who could not attend the performance yet provided assistance and enthusiasm during rehearsals. 

Seth Rogen & his wife Lauren Miller Rogen- amazing and delightfully funny couple and their Hilarity for Charity team (Alzheimer's Association)  are leading the way in educating the public (especially Millennials) and helping families who are dealing with this deadly disease by providing in-home care grants, support groups nationwide, and funding cutting edge research. Kudos to Rogers for making a difference. You can make a diffence too. Click here...I WANT TO DONATE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW!

Cottonwood, AZ 1/5/16 Mayor Joens and Council-member Terence Pratt present the affixed Laffathon Proclamation (see below) to Laffathon founder and producer Smokey Rain at the City Council meeting.

Seth Rogen tells us about Hilarity for Charityon The Ellen DeGeneres Show and plays the Pitch Please game with Ellen. Check out Ellen's sweet surprise for Seth!

Playshops with Purpose 

Cornville, AZ 5/20/16 Laffathon's Royal Noodle comedy/music troupe did a playshop at the Desert Star Academy on their state testing day to help them cope with the pressure of the tests. Dr. Rain did a Laffathon Day performance on March 30th for Cottonwood Elementary. Like last year, on Jan. 29th, the Laffathon comedy troupe, the Royal Noodles, did a playshop to help Cottonwood Elementary decompress from test stress and anxiety.


"Laffathon 365 Happy Dance-a-thon"

April 1st is an official holiday in Cottonwood, AZ - it's Laffathon Day! Beginning April 1st, 2019, we are going to celebrate this year's special holiday with a Laffathon 365 Happy Dance-a-thon and we're inviting everyone around the world to happy dance with us, each and every day for an entire year.

Video and pic submissions are welcome for a documentary, a special promo video and also for posting on the Laffathon website (and social media).

Please submit video and pics of you're dancing and non-dancing for the video. send submissions to:

Dr. Smokey Soaky Rain and Desert Star teacher Julia Kartman.(Photo by Julia Kaetman)

Laffathon Update, June 10, 2019

After shooting some footage in Costa Rica last year, we're excited to be acquiring some new equipment and programs to help put together a Laffathon documentary and also comedy sketches for viewers everywhere! 

Costa Rica Sunset 2018, Smokey Rain.

Mayor to Proclaim a Laffathon Day

12/10/2015 Dr. Rain had another meeting with Mayor Diane Joens of Cottonwood, AZ on October 1st. The Mayor has agreed to declare a Laffathon Proclamation of Happiness and a Laffathon Day in the City of Cottonwood. She has also agreed to adopt a sister-city (as a happiness role model) in Hawaii and change the City calendar from Monday to Funday. After several drafts the proclamation is ready for submission. 

New Cast Member Hams it up for The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Spoiler Alert, "Glad and Glad".

        Ellen DeGeneres is a notorious riot of fun, always inciting laughs and promoting kindness and that's why we love her. On November 15th, talented improv artist and cartoonist, Laura Lee Lizak joined comedian, Smokey Rain (Laffathon founder) and the two humorists collaborated to make the entertaining video above filmed by Don Whitcher. This is Lizak's first Laffathon appearance with the Laffathon comedy troupe, known as the Royal Noodles. 

       Lizak plays the Mad Hatter who is transformed into the Glad Hatter. Rain, plays the glad scientist, Dr. Double Daffy Cakes who catalyzes the metamorphosis through a Laffathon experiment...turning on the Magic Light of Laughter. Just like in real life, as the switch of Laughter is flipped, the magic of laughter saves the day and helps change things for the better by making the Mad Hatter glad. 

       The hilarious duo submitted the creative and funny video to The Ellen DeGeneres Show promptly to win seats in Ellen's Geico Box during her 12 Days of Giveaways this year while spreading joy and humor. 

Did you know that Alzheimer's can potentially effect 1 out of 3 people?

Click this link: Donate Now to make a tax-deductible donation to the Alzheimer's Association'sHilarity for Charity campaign...thanks! The Laffathon Experiment is an official Hilarity for Charity team member.

See above article from the Verde Independent Newspaper on 3-30-16 and photos from Laffathon Day event by Diane Joens, Ginger Lindquist, Don Whitcher and Steve Schutz.

Cottonwood's Official Holiday Causes

 A Laughter Riot 

       (4-1-16) A riot of laughter was had by one and all as banana props (cell phones), red noses, hilarious posters, costumes, stilts, big kids, little kids, a puppet, smiles and guffaws galore were afoot and had Cottonwood rolling on Laffathon Day, April 1st. Laffathon Day is an official city holiday recently proclaimed by Mayor Joens to increase happiness and health in the city. 

       To celebrate Laffathon volunteers joined me for the 2nd Annual Laughter Demonstration in a regular activist protesting spot and took everyone off-guard with joy. Drivers,  passengers and passerbyers burst at

the seams at the sight of the silly gang perched in front of the Chamber of Commerce. Our pro-smile/anti grump position was graciously embraced and the call for public action was immediately fulfilled.

       I extend a gigantic thank you to all who participated in this experiment including Mayor Joens, Councilmember Terence Pratt, the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce the two dozen performers, including stilt-walker Deborah Williams, Las Vegas comedian Kevin Perez, local musicians Don Whitcher, Bill Bassett, Dorothy and Ray DeSylvester and all the good citizens of Cottonwood for strutting their stuff and playing along with us.

       Super special thanks to Taryn Quenzer and her third graders at Cottonwood Elementary for making and donating our funny signs. And, to our other sign artists Steve Schutz and Bonnie Jones as well as Candace Schoonover who donated clown noses. There is more fun to come, believe it or snot.

---Dr. Smokey Soaky Rain