About Us

We are a sacred humor organization with the mission of "building bridges" and enlivening the world community with the Laffathon experiment and other activities which increase positivity and enhance our lives. Our purpose is to improve perspective and health, promote comradery, invite collaboration, generate joy, enhance creativity & increase problem-solving.

Banana Smoothie: Making the Best of A Dole Moment

       Don't peel well? Going bananas? Then roll with it! Amuse yourself. Put on a banana suit and eat a banana (also known as canabananalism). Or just eat a banana while doing your best monkey impersonation. Or do the splits while eating a banana split. Add more joy to your life and get your giggles on by the bunches by taking the daily challenge to lighten up and loosen up and experience the many pluses of The Laffathon Experiment, the world's largest experiment in laughter. It's an every day booster to your metabolism, mood and confidence

      How does it work? Simply fill your quota. Our Laff Lab created the formula above to help you enhance your perspective, maintain humor and improve your daily attitude. This results in more energy, better heart health, improved immune functioning and circulation, better sleep and increased creativity and problem solving abilities. Simply add more fun-loving humor to your life and it will help you shake off stress and reap the rewards of a happier, healthier and longer life. While it's natural to experience a full range of emotions, the stress of modern living can sometimes be overwhelming. Applying this easy formula can combat and even prevent the negative effects of stress. And, smiling and laughing have the rare qualities of being fun and good for you. So, go ahead and make like a banana, try this chant, "go bananas, go nanas, etc.".

Fun News

Lighten up! Loosen up! Have a Life-long Laffathon!

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​Glad scientist (field gelotologist), Smokey Rain, invites you to participate in the world's largest, longest (and eventually the loudest) experiment in laughter, the LAFFATHON! It's a daily challenge to smile and laugh more, especially when you don't feel like it, when you need it most! The Laffathon encourages your freedom to laugh, with it's power and availability, it can't be beat.


"The Laffathon is for everyone, from the scientist to the artist and everything in between.

We really want to work with you. Let's collaborate and see what we can do!" Dr. Smokey Rain

Keep checking back with www.Laffathon.com...we're growing like a beanstalk!

Get your disco platforms ready!  The 365 Laffathon Happy Dance-a-thon officially begins on April 1, 2020. This fun experiment is easy to participate in...simply do a Happy Dance at least once a day for 365 days and see how it effects you. Have a ball and share it with us by submitting pics and videos of you and/or your group. Send submissions to smokeyrainbows@gmail.com.